Help Reimagine Regional Aviation

Dash is a regional airline support system designed to create a unified network of Part 135 operators. This system includes reservations and distribution support, commercial management, and ground handling services. The system allows Part 135 operators to ‘plug and play’ scheduled operations without adding complicated and costly overhead. As launch partners, Backcountry Aviation and Moro Air Express will begin service this summer.

As other regional carriers have reduced or eliminated flights in favor of larger aircraft and markets, Dash plans to reestablish air service to smaller communities around the Northwest and beyond. Dash plans to initially reestablish air service to communities that are under 200 miles from Seattle; difficult to reach by car, geography, traffic or other means; and complements existing air service options today. These underserved communities will be linked with Seattle/Tacoma and King County (Boeing Field) International Airports. Dash intends to complement service to BFI and SEA with flights to other regional airports in Washington state.


Our Vision

Dash is a unified regional aviation system designed to serve the unique needs of rural communities, be an economic catalyst for developing business and tourism, a leader in green aviation, and a pipeline for career development.

Why Invest?

A profitable niche. Most importantly, Dash will be building a network of short haul niche markets that will allow it to be more insulated from other airline dynamics. We expect Dash to outperform the industry in terms of revenue generation and profitability. This is consistent with other peer airlines like Kenmore Air or Cape Air.

Uncontested service gap. Dash will fill a growing gap in the market that had previously established airline service - and has seen tremendous growth since the Pandemic began. Our only competitor is the highway, giving us an edge in developing markets quickly and profitably.

An Investment in the economic development of the region. Air service will be an economic catalyst for the entire region – driving business development, improved quality of life, and an infusion of new tourism opportunities.

Simple operating platform. Our initial fleet of 9 seat piston aircraft maintain a simplified, lower cost operating platform to build from.

Highly experienced team. Our team collectively has over 100 years of experience managing and running airlines and have over twenty years of experience working in the Pacific Northwest with Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air. We know these markets well and how to succeed.

Electric will be the future. Electric propulsion will revolutionize the industry and create completely new, unconventional point-to-point markets. Since electric propulsion is being developed around short haul, 9 seat capacity aircraft, there are very few airlines positioning themselves for this dramatic shift and we will be at the forefront.

Tail forward tight crop

Dash is led by Clint Ostler and a team of industry experts with over 100 years of combined airline experience. Clint co-founded Embark Aviation, an airline management and consulting service, overseeing both revenue management and market development divisions. Clint also has significant experience working with regional communities across Washington and the Pacific Northwest. Clint spent 16 years in a variety of positions at both Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air, including commercial oversight of the Horizon Air network.

Investment Opportunity

If you are an accredited investor and are interested in learning more about investing in Dash Air Shuttle, we'd love to connect with you and share our vision. You can reach Clint at 253-797-1309 or via email at


Note: an investment in our business is highly speculative in nature, and by investing, you face a substantial risk of losing all or part of your investment. Prospective investors should consult his or her own professional advisors as to the legal, tax, financial or other matters relevant to the suitability of any investment transaction or transaction documentation for such investor.