Dash Air Shuttle Ends Plans for Scheduled Flights

June 17, 2024– Dash has made the difficult decision not to proceed with plans to operate scheduled flights from William R Fairchild Airport in Port Angeles, Washington.

Late last year, the US Department of Transportation declined to recognize Dash as an intrastate air carrier. While there was prior precedence for permitting this, Dash was advised to either become a Public Charter Operator (provides ability to market and sell charter flights by the seat) or become a certified air carrier. Since Dash currently works with other air carriers to offer charter flights, it required Dash to become a Public Charter Operator. One of the requirements for becoming a Public Charter Operator was to maintain a security of $200,000. Dash partnered with local businesses to raise the required funds, but ultimately was unable to reach the goal and funds have now been returned.

“We are deeply disappointed that we will not be able to provide the peninsula with scheduled airline service. We tried for three years facing multiple obstacles. We hoped we could first serve the region with flight charters until we could provide scheduled flights, but in the end, we came short of the goal. I want to thank the Port of Port Angeles and the Port Angeles community for their tremendous support and faith in us as we confronted these challenges. The community has a vibrant and growing economy and I’m confident that another airline operator can see the same opportunity Dash does,” says Clint Ostler, President.

Those with charter flights currently booked through Dash will be unaffected and will continue to be operated by Backcountry Aviation.