About Dash Air Shuttle

Reimagining the Regional Airline

Dash Air Shuttle is an intrastate commuter/regional airline based in Washington State operating in partnership with Backcountry Aviation. As other regional carriers have reduced or eliminated flights in favor of larger aircraft and markets, Dash plans to reestablish air service to smaller communities around the Northwest and beyond. Dash plans to initially reestablish air service to communities that are under 200 miles from Seattle; difficult to reach by car, geography, traffic or other means; and complements existing air service options today. These underserved communities will be linked with Seattle/Tacoma International Airport. Dash intends to complement service to SeaTac with flights to other regional airports.

Dash ultimately plans to transition its fleet of 9 seat, twin engine Cessna 402C aircraft to next generation aircraft powered by electric propulsion. Electric propulsion will result in significant cost savings allowing growth into new markets and other regional hubs (such as Portland International Airport).


Dash is led by Clint Ostler and a team of industry experts with over 100 years of combined airline experience. Clint co-founded Embark Aviation, an airline management and consulting service, overseeing both revenue management and market development divisions. Clint also has significant experience working with regional communities across Washington and the Pacific Northwest. Clint spent 16 years in a variety of positions at both Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air, including commercial oversight of the Horizon Air network.

Backcountry Aviation

Dash formed a strategic partnership with Backcountry Aviation, an Albany, Oregon based Part 135 airline. Backcountry is a commercial operator that manages the operational side of Dash Air Shuttle flights, which includes aircraft maintenance and flight operations.

Like Dash, Backcountry is managed by a highly skilled and experienced team of operational and maintenance experts. This includes operations and maintenance management experience at U.S. regional and major airlines.

Since Dash flights are operated with a single crew member, common for air service of this type, Dash and Backcountry follow stringent FAA required safety protocol for flight operations. This includes advanced instrument requirements and a thorough flight training program.  In fact, the majority of our flight crew members are highly trained industry veterans with thousands of hours of flying experience.