Welcome to Dash Air Club!

Dash Air Club is a membership-based program that allows members to access charter flights at a discounted, fixed rate and share the ride with other members.

The program is open to members who travel to/from Port Angeles or the San Juan Islands.

After joining, members have access to a private air club page to request charters or share charters with other members.

How it works:

  1. Member logs on to website
  2. Existing booked charters are displayed for share
  3. Members can request a new charter, or share one that is available
  4. Once request is made, Dash confirms availability, books flight, and coordinates share with other members
  5. Fly!

Within 48 hours, non-members can purchase a flight pass to access individual flights to share with members. Non-members need to submit a request within 48 hours to confirm availability of a flight. If a flight is available, non-members can purchase a flight pass to access club page and request a share.

Important details: