Dash Air Shuttle delays launch of operations following Kenmore Air complaint

Complaint by Kenmore Air filed with the U.S. Department of Transportation challenges Dash Air’s ability to re-introduce flights.

Seattle, WA, July 27, 2022– Dash Air Shuttle, which planned to begin operations on August 11, 2022, has delayed the launch of flights due to a complaint filed by Kenmore Air with the DOT. Kenmore Air has challenged Dash Air’s ability to re-introduce commercial service between Port Angeles and Seattle, WA. Dash Air maintains that there is ample precedent for DOT to dismiss these claims, however, ticket sales and planned operations have been temporarily suspended out of an abundance of caution until the complaint has been resolved.

Kenmore Air terminated air service to Port Angeles in 2014, resulting in significant harm to the airport and community – including the loss of federal funding for the airport.

Pending DOT review, Dash has chosen to provide maximum consumer protection in advance of planned travel and will refund all tickets sold to date. Dash wants to ensure federal and local funds can be successfully applied in the creation of long-term sustainable air service for Port Angeles.

Pursuing a timely dismissal of Kenmore’s unfounded claims will be a significant financial burden for a start up like DASH, but we are committed to bringing air service back to Port Angeles. We do not expect our employees to be impacted by this temporary service suspension.

“We believe these claims are unfounded, and we remain committed to our guests and Port Angeles. Based on early sales, we know the service will be a success. Following a ruling from the DOT, Dash will announce a new start date and resume ticket sales,” says Clint Ostler, President. “We are humbled by the overwhelming enthusiasm for our service from the Port Angeles community.”

Dash encourages local members of the Port Angeles community to show support of air service in Port Angeles by filing comments with the DOT, or visit Dash on Facebook to learn more about how you can show your support for air service in Port Angeles.