Founder's Circle

A special thanks to the following businesses and individuals who are helping the north Olympic Peninsula take flight!

Business Advocates

Individual Advocates

Marc Abshire

What is the Founders Circle Program?

The program is designed to fund a federal Department of Transportation (DOT) - required trust account that will permit Dash to begin operating flights as a Public Charter Operator until it becomes an air carrier. We expect Dash to become an air carrier within 18 months, after which the program will be retired. Those individuals and businesses contributing as Advocates within the Founders Circle Program will then have all funds returned.


What is a trust account?
A trust account is a legal arrangement to ensure assets go to specific beneficiaries. In this case, the trust creator (Dash Air Shuttle) will place assets in a trust account and authorize a trustee (DOT) to administer those assets for the trust creator or beneficiaries (Dash customers).


This program is not an investment in Dash business operations, but rather, an investment in securing air travel for the north Olympic Peninsula.  ALL Advocate funds will be returned at the end of the program.

Advocate Benefits

  • Advocate recognition on the Dash website as a founding Program Partner.
  • Promotion of Advocate business through the Dash website, email, and social media channels.
  • Complimentary tickets for use in promotions and incentives
  • Flight discounts starting from 10% off. When the program concludes, advocates will continue to receive a flight discount for a period of time.
  • Additional marketing opportunities, from collateral distribution on passenger transport van and planes to ‘wrapping’ the van with branding are available.

As an advocate, you or your business will be part of a solution to the north Olympic Peninsula’s challenging transportation issues. The return of a regular, reliable air carrier will be integral to enhancing the quality of life for residents, businesses, and increase tourism industry revenue, from Forks to Sequim and beyond. Whether reaching a connecting flight at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, accessing medical appointments without the stressful drive, or welcoming visitors at Fairchild International Airport for a longer stay on the peninsula, Dash Air Shuttle has the potential to positively impact our community.


YOU can be part of a transportation solution for the north Olympic Peninsula.

Interested in becoming a Founding Advocate?

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